Launch of Hanahi Ecowood

January 2017: launch of Hanahi Ecowood


exotic veneer Green Blade® made from banana plant trunks.

smooth, high quality, acid-free colour 240gr paper. Complies with ISO Standard 970, acid-free, standard on permanence, a guarantee of excellent conservation.

Available in four different sizes
S – 25cm / 9.84 inch diameter  X  24cm / 9.44 inch height
M – 25cm / 9.84 inch diameter  X  29cm / 11.41 inch height
L – 35cm / 13.77 inch diameter  X  43cm / 16.92 inch height
XXL – 46cm / 18.11 inch diameter  X  56cm / 22.04 inch height

CORD SET: includes metal socket and cup and 2 m of textile cable

NOTE: Use ONLY energy saving or LED light bulb