What’s in the box?
Inside the cardboard box you will find the lamp shade already folded, the cord set and instruction manual.

Is express shipping available?
Yes. Please contact us directly.

What cord set is included?
We include a standard cord set with white cotton braided cable, socket (E27 type) and ceiling rose. Other colors and materials are available. Please contact us directly.

What light bulb should I use?
You can use an energy saving light bulb, either fluorescent compact or LED, but not halogen. A LED bulb is highly recommended. The supplied cord set is type E27, which is compatible with E26 bulbs, if they are used in your country.

How can I be sure of the color of the lamp shade? Are the photos accurate?
We take great care to match the color of the photos to the actual lamp shade but it will depend greatly on your screen too. If you want to be 100% sure you can order our color samples first. You will also get the feeling of the material before making your choice.


How can I install the lamp shade?
Full instructions are included but, briefly, you will fix the cord set to your ceiling and then carefully open the top of the lamp shade, pass the cord and close it again.

Do I need a certified electrician to install the lamp shade?
Depending on your country, you might have to. The installation is simple but if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself you probably should ask one. You can even show him the beautiful lamp shade you just bought!

How can I clean the lamp shade?
We recommend using a feather duster to keep your lamp shade dust free. You can also use compressed air but from at least 30cm away! For obvious reasons, no water should be used.