Table Lamp Bicolor - Size S
Table Lamp Bicolor - Size S
Table Lamp Bicolor - Size S
Table Lamp Bicolor - Size S
Table Lamp Bicolor - Size S

Table Lamp Bicolor - Size S

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The table lamp HIKARI combines the Japanese technique of Origami with the geometric and pure lines of the Scandinavian style to bring warmness to your home.

This table lamp will easily find its place everywhere you wish to create a peaceful and cozy atmosphere.

It will help you to add softness and lightness with subtlety.

Between lantern and sophisticated lamp, the shape and the materials used allow the light to be diffused in a soft and calming way which invites you to relax.



  • 23cm diameter - 18cm height
  • 9.05 inch diameter – 7.09 inch height


Our lampshades are made of PAPER. High-quality paper, free of acids, produced in France with vegetable fibers derived from the responsible management of forests (FSC® label).

Paper, as a high recyclable material, is completely within our search for sustainable materials!

That’s why our paper isn’t fire or water proofed. These treatments would mean the paper couldn’t be 100% recyclable and that would be against our environmental philosophy.

We advise to choose our lampshades for interior and dry rooms only. And use LED light bulbs only.    


The cord set is included and already installed in the lamp.


Our lampshades must be used exclusively with a LED light bulb. Our cord sets use a E27 socket (fully compatible with US E26). The light bulb is not included.


You will receive it already mounted and ready to install.


Our origami lamps are easy to clean. You can use a feather duster or compressed air but from at least 30cm away.