In march 2017, launch of our Printemps collection.

Our new collection “PRINTEMPS” was born from a delightful collaboration with my dear friend Inês Pargana, creator of BellySketcher®.

Like she says in her site: “Inês is a mother, a compulsive drawer and an eternal creator. She used to be an architect searching for a more colourful life. Have found it between pregnancy pictures and colourful family portraits.”

Sounds familiar? We have so much in common that for me it was an evidence that we should work together! The result of that would surely be something beautiful!

Inês took the challenge brilliantly and her interpretation of “Spring” is fresh, is alive with colour and it’s full of expression. All the drawings and watercolours are originals, made by hand, especially for this new collection Tedzukuru Atelier.

We are proud to present HANAHI PRINTEMPS, a new version of our “historical” lampshade!

Always handmade in FSC labelled paper but much more colourful, with a certain tropical vibe, fresh and vibrant!

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